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Searching for Open Gym Equipment? Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. – one of the best Open Park Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi NCR offers a wide range of Outdoor Playground Equipment designed for your playground and open gyms. The sturdy construction, corrosive finishing, and high durability of our products have made them highly preferred.

Despite the challenges, we keep the quality of our Kids Playground Equipment intact and make sure it meets defined industry standards. Our company leaves no stone unturned to deliver premium quality that offers extreme comfort and increase your experience. Whether you are interested in Merry Go Round or Seesaw or Playground Climber, we are undeniably the one-stop to reach.

With our tireless efforts, we have become one of the best Park Multiplay Station Exporters and Suppliers in India. You can speak with our experts via the website or call to discuss more.

Leading Merry Go Round And Seesaw Equipment Manufacturer in India

Merry go round and Seesaw equipment is one of the most thrilling and fun playground equipment that can give your playspace a complete look. This aesthetic playground equipment comes in different styles, size, and strength that suits your different playspace and requirement. If you are looking for a quality-made merry go round and seesaw in India, personalized to your needs, Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. is your only answer.

With years of extensive experience and expertise, we are recognized as one of the most eminent playground equipment manufacturing companies, mainly as Seesaw and Merry Go Round Manufacturers In India.

From fully customizable and themed to the vibrant merry-go-round and seesaw playground accessories, we are committed to designing and building quality playgrounds personalized to your needs.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. This is why we always accommodate our client's consistent quality playground equipment well- suited to your unique playspaces and demands.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. , our goal is to engineer aesthetically pleasing, quality-built, and safe playground equipment that entices people of all age groups. Safety and consistent quality are paramount for our playground equipment designers and manufacturing specialists.

All our crew members and manufacturing specialists are highly trained, and well-versed in the playground equipment industry. For custom, efficient, and long-lasting Merry Go Round, Seesaw , or any range of playground equipment, you can trust our years of manufacturing excellence and deep expertise. All thanks to our artistic and experienced team of playground equipment designers and manufacturing specialists.

  • Years of engineering excellence and expertise.
  • A well-versed and dedicated team of manufacturing specialists.
  • A complete range of playground equipment.
  • Economical playground equipment range.
  • Custom and cost-efficient playground equipment.
  • End-to-end services from design and manufacturing to installation.
Eminent Features of Outdoor Gym Equipment

Everyone wants to meet their fitness goals. To promote fitness, Community recreation plans often include parks and other amenities that help you meet your unique fitness goals with zero fitness expense. Outdoor gym equipment (such as open park gym equipment and outdoor multiplay equipment) is becoming popular worldwide to make workouts free and accessible for everyone.
At Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. we are a leading Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in India that offers high-quality and cost-effective outdoor open gym equipment within budget and on- time. Our comprehensive range of outdoor gym equipment is popular for its durability, robustness, and features. Below are the eminent features of our wide range of outdoor gym equipment:-


Outdoor gym equipment is built from robust and sturdy material (often stainless steel, mild steel, or aluminium), ensuring the high quality and durability of outdoor exercise equipment. If you are reinstalling Outdoor gym equipment in your outdoor space or looking to add quality Outdoor gym equipment such as Open Park Gym Equipment or Outdoor Multiplay Equipment to your playground, Kidzlet Play Structures is one of the most trusted Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi to trust.


Outdoor gym equipment range can be customized to unique sizes, styles, or shapes according to your diverse requirements and specified needs. For custom Outdoor gym equipment, you can give us specified and custom needs so that we can build fully custom outdoor workout equipment personalized to your budget and requirements.

Specialty Design

Outdoor gym equipment features a speciality layout and design with attention to detail for your unique play spaces. At Kidzlet, we are one of the most trusted children Playground Equipment Suppliers in India renowned for our exclusive speciality design and layout of outdoor open gym equipment.


Unlike high-priced indoor gym equipment, Outdoor gym equipment is an inexpensive way to promote fitness and well-being. These equipment are economical when purchased right from the manufacturer or supplier.

Endless benefits

Outdoor gym equipment offers endless fascinating benefits. From promoting physical activities to social development skills to enticing more users to outdoor environments, Outdoor gym equipment makes life accessible and easier for people of all ages.

Browse Our Kids Playground Equipment

Don’t Go, Browse our comprehensive range of Outdoor Merry Go Round, Seesaw Equipment to help one play or exercise without spending their fortune.

Open Park Exercise Equipment Manufacturers
Open Park Gym Equipment Manufacturers | Delhi, India Durable Construction

Ensure standard design lifespan and maintain quality and finish of products for years.

Park Multiplay Station Exporters and Suppliers in India Simple To Maintain

Keeping their quality maintained is easy, thanks to their break and scratch-resistant finish.

Open Gym Equipment
Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd Customized

Each unit in our portfolio is tailored to customer's preferences to keep them satisfied.

Open Gym Equipment In Delhi Offer Safety

Our products have no sharp edges and come in quality that offers better protection.

Frequently Asked Question
Indoor Vs. Outdoor Exercise - Which is Right for You?
Open Park Exercise Equipment | Open Exercise Equipment India

Unlike indoor exercise, study suggests that outdoor exercise offers many fascinating benefits. From physical development to cohesive development to enhancing social well-being, outdoor exercise can take your fitness goals to another level. An outdoor exercise requires zero fitness expense, mainly if you opt for Open Gym Equipment for outdoor workouts which means these outdoor workout equipment are free to use, unlike indoor workout equipment.

How to Protect Outdoor Gym Equipment?
Open Park Exercise Equipment | Open Exercise Equipment India

Protecting outdoor gym equipment is important for maximizing the durability of your outdoor equipment. There are a few preventive measures to enhance the durability of our outdoor gym equipment that are given below:-

  • Regular cleaning and frequent maintenance of outdoor gym equipment can maximize their longevity.
  • Always invest in outdoor gym equipment that are built from quality material, ensuring their high quality and robustness.
  • Protect your open gym equipment from harsh environmental conditions such as sun exposure.
  • You can use lubricants that are always designed for outdoor gym equipment lubrication. Applying lubricants to this workout equipment removes dirt, debris, and other impurities, ensuring the longevity of this workout equipment.
How to Choose the Best Open Gym Equipment?
Open Park Exercise Equipment | Open Exercise Equipment India

Choosing the right open gym equipment is important for several factors. Safety and durability should be paramount when choosing open gym equipment. Below are a few important things to consider while choosing open gym equipment:-

  • The first and foremost thing you should consider is the quality of the material the open gym equipment provider offers.
  • Always invest in the expertise of the Open Gym Equipment provider.
  • Check the durability and design of the workout equipment.
  • Look out for the online reputation of the open gym equipment provider.
  • Choosing a brand such as Kidzlet Play Structures for your open gym equipment guarantees durability, quality, and safety.
Is There A Standard Warranty On Your Open Gym Equipment?
Open Park Exercise Equipment | Open Exercise Equipment India

Every manufacturer offers its warranty and policies. If you want to check the warranty of our Open Gym Equipment, it is available on our official website or you can directly get in touch with one of our manufacturing specialists. We always furnish our playground and workout equipment with a copy of the assurance with your order.

How Much Time Does Open Gym Equipment Installation Require?
Open Park Exercise Equipment | Open Exercise Equipment India

Open Gym Equipment installation may vary according to different circumstances and the size of projects. The time open gym equipment installation needs may depend on several factors such as types of equipment, number of gym equipment, harsh environmental conditions, customizable and specific requests, the expertise of the Installation Team, and so on.

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